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We offer a pleasant experience on the day of your wedding followed by delivering on our promise of beautifully cinematic, heart-stringing wedding films that highlight how incredible you two are along with your friends and family.

Highlight Videos

This video can range from 3-8 minutes, depending on your coverage! Our specialty.

Social Teasers

This one is very popular. Your friends and family will get to see your day in an action-packed one minute film!

Full Ceremony Coverage

We can edit your Ceremony shot-for-shot with multiple cameras. We typically use 3-4 cameras at the same time.

put your story into motion

You only get one day to capture it the right way, and that's why you need a seasoned pro when you're looking to make anything creatively. From your teaser to your highlight, each shot, music choice, smile and word is carefully crafted into a beautiful film.

Wedding Highlights
Lauren + Jacob | Highlight
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Danielle + Bob | Wedding Highlight
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Brooke + Olaf | Wedding Highlight
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Matt and Karly | Highlight
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Film Packages

fresh and involved!

Where we film love is where we love the locals. We stay connected with local vendors and build relationships on the inside to ensure we all work together as a team. Here are some styled shoots we made for the sake of creativity :)

We also stay engaged with the KC Wedding Guild, the KC Wedding Vendor Social, and other communities of local pros. We have been trusted to cover events in that crispy way we know how!

why hire us?

1. EXPERIENCE. 3 years in broadcast television, 3 in corporate events, and a B.F.A. film degree cherry on top.


2. We are PREPARED. 3+ camera ceremony setups, drone operation, lapel mics, lights depending on the venue, and the mighty Gimbal/Segway combo for SMOOTH footage. 

3. PEACE OF MIND! Hiring us means a solid answer to every question.

4. WE DON'T SKIP STEPS. For example, many wedding videographers aren't LICENSED drone pilots. ShowFlow always flies with a Part 107 UAS License.

5. RESPECT. The day is all about the both of you and your experience. We vow to be considerate at every corner while capturing beautiful footage.

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questions? contact us! :)

(816)341-6275 - 

Thank you for your interest! Have a wonderful day :)

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