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We offer a pleasant experience on the day of your wedding followed by delivering on our promise of beautifully cinematic, heart-stringing wedding films that highlight how incredible you two are along with your friends and family.

We are based in Kansas City, MO and Saint Joseph, MO

Highlight Videos

This video can range from 3-8+ minutes, depending on your coverage! Our specialty.

Social Teasers

This one is very popular. Your friends and family will get to see your day in an action-packed one minute film!

Full Ceremony Coverage

We can edit your Ceremony shot-for-shot with multiple cameras. We typically use 3-4 cameras at the same time.

why hire us?

1. EXPERIENCE.  3 years in the Wedding Industry, 3 years in Broadcast Television, 4 years in Corporate Events, and a B.F.A. film degree cherry on top. We know what to expect and know how to stay ahead of the game on your day, even when plans change.


2. We are PREPARED. 3+ camera ceremony setups, drone operation, lapel mics, lights depending on the venue, and the mighty Gimbal/Segway combo for smooth, crispy footage. 

3. PEACE OF MIND! We come in with a plan every time as team-player for both you and other vendors. Communication is paramount to creating beautiful videos, and we aren't push-overs in this department. 

4. WE DON'T SKIP STEPS. For example, many wedding videographers aren't LICENSED drone pilots. ShowFlow is legally certified via. Part 107 UAS. 

5. RESPECT. The day is all about the both of you and your experience. We vow to be considerate at every corner while capturing beautiful footage. 

What do people say about us?


"While going through the planning process, my wife felt strongly about having our special day filmed while I was a bit reluctant due to cost. Let me be the first to say that Zack and his team are worth every penny. The video that he put together is something that we will cherish forever and is the perfect way to remember our wedding day. Zack himself was extremely professional. He had never worked with our photographer before but you would have never known that by the way he carried himself and worked in tandem with her. He was able to capture some amazing shots with his drone as we had an an outdoor wedding. I was also very happy with how quickly he was able to get us our sneak peak and the final version of our video was perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend Zack and ShowFlow Media to anyone considering a videographer. It is the single best way to remember your special day and I have recommended Zack to all of my friends who are planning their weddings!"

- Matt Duncan 


"Zach was nothing short of an absolute dream. He was professional, timely, and gave me no concerns on my wedding day. Unfortunately, my photographer missed some key shots and Zach was able to save the day with a screen grab of those special moments. He revised and edited my video to make sure I was 100% happy with it, and it brings me to tears every time.

I cannot say enough about Zach and ShowFlow Media. They saved my wedding memories and I can’t wait to watch my videos for years to come!"


- Elizabeth Heintzelman 


"My wedding was done on a very short notice of approximately two months. I was in a frenzy to find anyone who was available and would have the time to understand how a three day Indian wedding works. Not only was Zach able to book me, he wanted to take time out to understand every single ceremony so so he did not miss any detail. He was so easy to work with, and so helpful. He always has your best interest at heart. His team was so professional and always early. I had absolutely no issues with them throughout the process. As far as the final product goes, I was completely amazed and mind blown by my highlights video! They did such a good job!! I was so pleasantly surprised at how someone who has never done an Indian wedding before did my video so well! My family members had the exact same thought! A lot of them even said they wish they had selected him for their own wedding. I highly recommend them. They are so easy to work with."

- Namira Ali 

there is a lot to talk about.

And we would love to hear your story. Reach out if you have questions or if you're interested!

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