"Creative without strategy is called 'art'.
Creative with strategy is called 'advertising'.

                                                                                                                 - Jef I. Richards


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Your content needs to represent you and tell people why

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What services are you looking for?

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We specialize in effective video solutions. We cover the entire process, or we can edit your footage into a working ad!

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Sometimes, images will drive your point in just fine! Ad images from us are custom built 

for brand identity and consistency.

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and much more.



Featured Advertisement Videos from us

the five - absent art documentary

IST Facility Highlight - 2021
Northwest Health Chillicothe Coming Soon!
Creations - Veterans Day 2021
Hy-Vee Hams for the Holidays - KC March 2021
Smooth Endings "Game Time" Television Spot - September 2020
Felix St. Gourmet Spring 2021 Spot Spot



Your website and social pages should have more than text to explain what you do. Photography is an easy, cost-effective way of doing that with fast turn-arounds.


Here's a sample of what we created for Gold-N-Glaze.

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Hi, I'm Zack Papenberg, the owner and cinematographer of ShowFlow Media. My journey in creative started after graduating with my B.F.A for Cinema/Theatre in Dec. 2016. For three years, I was a content producer and technical director for NPG Co. in Saint Joseph, MO. After exploring the creative space there and winning the station's first ever awards for commercials two years in a row, I departed, but not without making some friends! Ever since the start of ShowFlow Media in Feb. 2020, it has been a fun-filled adventure that hasn't spared a single dull day. It brings me great joy to be personally involved in my community's growth and to ultimately learn more about the beautiful place I live in. I'm looking forward to more exciting years as this business grows into bigger things! 


What is ShowFlow?

ShowFlow is the product of finding problems and learning how to solve them with creative services. Our most common projects consist of sales/product content for social and webstores, "about us" site videos, and event coverage.  

What problems do we solve?
Content is a must for all businesses to communicate with its customers as to who they are, what they are, what they do, why they do it, and sometimes how they do it. Communication puts everyone on the same page, and we plan out every step of production to ensure your content has the right amount of intent.

It's no secret that pulling out a phone for a quick photo/video works for some people; however, not everyone has time for it. More importantly, many people don't have the tools or knowledge of executing anything more than a casual image post or cell-phone livestream. We've helped both clients and agencies push the envelope in communicating with their employees and customers. 

Here's a list of project services we've delivered from last year: 
- Television Commercials
- Social Media Ads
- Product Photography/Video for Webstores
- Voiceover/Radio
- Corporate Internal Promo/Training Videos
- Election Campaign Livestreams
- Documentaries
- Photo/Video Studio Building/Consultation



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