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It's no surprise to me that I continued filming weddings after my days in college. Weddings are a time where your most precious people are brought together to watch you shine, whether they are present or watching from the skies. The day lives on until it's over, but memory can only serve you to live it so vividly for so long. It gives me great honor to not only eternalize a family's communion, but to tell the story in a way that breathes the vibe of the day. As a married man, I regret not having my own video with my wife, as our recollection of the trip up and down Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado is limited to only our memories and creating closure with the quick photo session we got, beautiful as the photos are. This further drives me to make sure I and my team do our best at every wedding we are privileged to be at. Beyond that, I like filming other people's weddings because I enjoy being creative while being there to support you two while you're absolutely winning! The effort is so worth it, especially when dinner starts. You see, that's why I'm actually there. If I just do some work, I get free food! Can't beat that. 

- Zack Papenberg - Owner/Lead Cinematographer

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